Planning Appeals

A refused planning application isn’t the end of the road. With our expertise, our planning consultants can turn it around.

We can bring a fresh perspective to a refused planning application by reviewing all the documentation and drawings, identifying how we can strengthen your argument and highlighting any areas that may have been misinterpreted or overlooked. With access to a database of  1000s of previous appeal decisions and case law, and our own vast experience, we can also highlight precedents of similar cases that have been allowed to support your case.

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Having reviewed your application will give you an honest opinion if we feel that it is not worth proceeding with the appeal.

If there is a good chance, we will work with you to prepare and submit a well-considered, persuasive statement of case for appeal and represent you throughout the whole process. Further to this, if we consider that the Local Authority have acted ‘unreasonably’ in making their decision we will lodge an application for Costs on your behalf so that you can re-coup some or all the fees associated with the appeal process.

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Refused Planning Applications


Sometimes the best course of action to overcome a refused planning application is not to appeal, but simply negotiate.


Listed Buildings & Heritage Assets

Listed Buildings & Heritage Assets

We can produce Heritage Statements & Statements of Significance for your project.




We recommend that all our clients start their project with an in-depth desktop feasibility study.


For more information on any of our services please call us on 01722 638 008 or email

For more information on any of our services please call us on 01722 638 008 or email