Conversion of a Vacant Stable Building

The site contained the stable building and a small building which was used for the storage of agricultural equipment.

Conversion of vacant stable building

The Brief

Our brief from the clients was to secure planning permission for the conversion of a vacant stable building to a new dwelling for them to live in. They wanted us to achieve permission for both the conversion of the existing building and its extension, so they could benefit from a larger property. They also wanted us to gain permission for a detached garage.

Our Solution

Planning permission under Class Q of the GPDO had previously been granted for the conversion of another building on the site to a very small 1-bed dwelling. This permission could have been enacted by the clients.

We worked with the architect to prepare an ambitious proposal for the demolition of the existing building with consent for residential conversion, the conversion of the stables to a dwelling, the extension of the existing stable building and the erection of a detached garage.

This application received positive responses from the vast majority of public consultees and the Case Officer was supportive of the principle of development. However, the Officer was reluctant to accept any extension to the stable building and outlined her concerns during a phone conversation.

In order to prevent the Council issuing a refusal, we advised our clients that withdrawing the application would be the best course of action, as we would be able to prepare a slightly reduced scheme and submit this as a ‘free-go’, meaning our clients would not have to pay any additional costs.

Upon re-submission, we were able to successfully argue for the revised scheme without having to propose any further reductions to the size of the extension.

We were also able to successfully guide our clients through the process of forming a legal agreement with the Council, so they could ensure the development would be nitrate neutral. We handled the back-and-forth with the Council’s legal team on our clients' behalf and provided the solicitors with the necessary information.

The application was then approved under delegated powers (by the Case Officer).

Conversion of a Vacant Stable Building
Conversion of a Vacant Stable Building

Project Success

Our clients were delighted to receive full permission to convert the vacant stable building into a new dwelling, providing them with a beautiful new home and detached garage.

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